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101 thoughts on “Fonbet live sport”

  1. I dont think he meant anything by it but probably never should have done that


  3. If there is a rule that players cannot touch a ref, then why wasnt a penalty called by the ref?

  4. why would it be inappropriate, all of this is getting out of hand

  5. Agureo thought it was his throw in (It actually was I think). So he was pissed at the ref for the bad call and grabbed her neck. Should have been a yellow or red card imo. No suspension though, just dont touch a ref

  6. Totally unacceptable. Sergio should have gotten a talking to and/or a yellow card. It was patronizing. Dont touch a ref, period.

  7. I watched the game and I saw what he did ,it was a disgusting behavior, he is a piece of crapp , the officials are part of the problem , because they should punish him severely.

  8. No she is an official in the field not a female and players should not touch them but he didnt look like he tried to intimidate her, and if she easily intimidate she should not officiate a game specially of that magnitude. But she handle her self good.

  9. Next people will be triggered that a trans woman referee is not touched like that.

  10. The thing I don’t like here is you shouldn’t have to tell Aguero, one of the biggest veterans in the prem, not to touch a ref. He’s been playing football for over 25 years. He knows. THATS why a punishment is warranted

  11. Sad that our society has gotten to the point that a shoulder grab is suddenly seen as an egregious act worthy of being a headline

  12. When Cristiano pushed the ref after getting a red was it because he was a male? There’s absolutely no indication he did that because she’s a female

  13. If the referee was a guy this wouldn’t have mattered in the least to the media

  14. I knew this will go wild WHEN He did that I thought I was the only one see it

  15. Let’s be honest . If that was a guy this wouldn’t even be a story. Let’s move on. …..

  16. Anyone who thinks Agüero wanted something with the referee is out of their mind

  17. 1. Dont touch the refs male or female
    2. Give up the platinum hair dude its time

  18. The fact that the only reason why this is being discussed is because she is a she says everything you need to know about this situation.

  19. True colors come out in frustration, are you allowed to touch refs in soccer

  20. Sensitive people in this comment section and if she didn’t like it she should have said something so people don’t do it next time

  21. Bruh your kidding I socked a red before so this is nothing swear these people are just reaching

  22. This is only a big deal because shes a woman. Other refs have gotten touched like that too

  23. Good grief. If this was a man would we be having the same conversation?

  24. Although ur not supposed to touch the linesman, its done alot. Woman or not the refs are gonna be bugged out.

  25. Probably shouldnt be touching a ref at all. However if equality is what is desired, then this example is why it will never be achieved. You cant say you want equality and then say something that happens alot is inappropriate bc shes female.

  26. Watching this reminds me of when a man asks a woman to dance, she says no, and tries to walk away but he pulls her in.

    It doesn’t sit well with me, he shouldn’t have put his hands on her . I’m sure she’s tough and can stand on her own, but he definitely messed up.

  27. A lot of comments say it doesnt matter if its a man or a woman ref. Its inappropriate, doesnt matter if its a man or a woman. It is especially inappropriate however because shes a woman. What happened to the special deference that we as men ought to show women. This woman did not ask to be touched. She is there to do her job not fraternizing.

  28. this is all because the ref was a girl. they call for equality but then wheres equality?

  29. I can already see bunch of social justice experts crawling out of their holes and expressing their concerns, even know they havent watched a single football game in their life. My favorite one is, wHaT if It wAs yOur mother?! My mother isnt a referee in the premier league, you moron. Context matters.

  30. My only thing is I don’t see him doing that to a male ref. At least I’ve never seen him do that to a male ref. Could be wrong though.

  31. If he was touching a male like that it would be perfectly fine for these dirty bastards!!!

  32. Omg! She’ll be traumatized for life! 😂🤣😂 are people making a fuss about this?? Just remind him he can’t touch official and move on

  33. Sure, He probably thinks he is back in Argentina where women treated like that…..

  34. I dont think he intended to be intimidating, it could have been perceived that way, not going to make any assumptions, but no matter what, stop grabbing the refs, stupid.

  35. but if a women did this to a male ref nd made him feel uncomfortable then we wouldn’t be seeing this video 🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. Why not get rebeccas opinion? Like wtf Timmy Howard is the last person to ask

  37. Rebecca Lowe is the type of person to yell for gender equality but is judging this case purely on the gender of the ref.

    • If the ref pushed her hands of him and kicked him nuts I bet he would learn his lesson no fines needed

  38. Don’t they want equality so why the bring the fact that she’s a woman

  39. I f you think its ok, then all you need to do is put yourself or your sister, mother in the refs shoes. So patronizing, get your fing hands off me. its iInappropriate ! Period.

  40. Am I the only one that thinks he would’ve done that to a male ref? I kinda just look at it as a “come on mate” type of grab. N of course he shouldn’t do it regardless but ppl saying he only did cause she’s a female; nah.

  41. I like that the first article I saw related to this states that Sian Massey-Willis plays down the abuse she suffered at the hands of..

  42. It was just awkward the first touch during the complaint was fine but the shoulder tug was just like “dude dont do that” wasnt a smart thing to do but i dont think it was aggressive with bad intent. Just lack of awareness

  43. Show me a picture in his career when he did that to a man and he gets a pass. CREEPER

  44. Not a huge deal but he shouldnt have done it. Doesnt matter if hes a nice guy or not. And yea, he doesnt do that to a male linesman.

  45. I feel like this is being blown out because shes a woman. Simple yellow card, would there be this much talk when ronaldo pushed that one ref or zidane? Gtfo stupid asses, if yall gonna get this butthurt because shes a woman than women shouldnt be allowed to ref male games and thats that.

  46. If he touched a male referee there would be no issue. The only reason this is made a story is because she is woman. So much for equality between men and women.

  47. Hmmm imagine what problems could be avoided if females weren’t officials in male leagues… crazy idea I wonder if it’s ever been attempted

  48. Wonder what Rebecca Lowe thought about it? I suspect the producers told her to keep her ..king mouth shut and just ask the testosterone in the room.

  49. This is what being a snowflake brings us to. He did not touch her in any aggressive or inappropriate way. Should he have done it? No. Should he be punished? No, get over yourselves. He deserves a yellow at worst. Im sure none of this would have been a big deal if she wasnt a girl. Grow up

  50. My opinion is that if the ref doesn’t like it and takes his hand away like she did and he tries to continue doing it that’s inappropriate, and it would be whether it’s a female or male ref right? How can people say for sure that he was being misogynistic? I think it’s ridiculous to pretend to know what he was thinking

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